If you have a calling or find you’re stuck in your old life and want to get on with your new life, Mel is now able to offer a complete package of tailored experiences over 6 months.

Book an initial 1 hour PSYCH-K Emotional Healing Session plus a 30min psychic reading for messages and higher self guidance. Using this as a starting point for how best to structure the time. These can be booked in together. This will then also include some extra time (complimentary) to run through a proposed plan of sessions and experiences. No obligation to do anything, all your decision.

Each month you will fully gain a new level of upgrade if you are also willing to do the work in between your sessions. Your pace of ascension is dependent on your level of involvement. 

Pay as you go. Stop any time. Plans done on an individual basis. 

Speak to Mel at your next session if you are keen to work with Awakening Retreat for what you are needing.